Appreciation of Literrary Works – Sesi 1

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AoLW – Session 1

  1. You have read the material related to fiction. Explain what
  2. do you know about fiction
  3. the difference between short stories and novels in terms of plot, characters (perpetrators or player), messages delivered, settings, and diction.
  4. How do you appreciate the English literature that you have read?

Now it’s time for you to share on this forum. Remember, the final tutor’s assessment includes an assessment of the results of the discussion. The more active you are in this forum the greater the chance of getting the best.

My answer :

  1. a. Fiction is the type of book or story that is written about imaginary characters and events and not based on real people and facts. (Cambridge Dictionary)
    b. Difference between Short Stories and Novel :


Short Stories



Focus on a single, tightly woven plot. They often explore a specific moment in time or a turning point in a character’s life.

Have more room for complex plots with multiple storylines and subplots.


Indirectly, the development of the times, and the writing of short stories

A long period of time has an influence on developing characters, Novels bring out this development in us

Message Delivered

Often focuses on conveying a single message, but its emotional impact is stronger.

It can convey many messages, broad and different in each chapter


The setting of time and place is limited due to the limited time itself, so usually only focuses on the characters in the story

The length of a novel invites its breadth to be the same as the masses. It’s what allows the story to move between locations and even across time periods.


The author uses precise language to create a strong impression and evoke emotions quickly.

Can use a more varied choice of words depending on the characters, setting, and overall tone of the story. The author may use descriptive language to immerse the reader in his world.

  1. As with other friends’ writing, I also enjoy talking about it, making reading enjoyable, and interacting with others. Through literary appreciation, I learned a lot about the world, human beings, and myself. Literary appreciation is not just about reading, but also about exploring, understanding, and appreciating the beauty of extraordinary works of art.

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